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Privacy Statement

We are aware of the trust you are placing in us. Consequently, we deem it our responsibility to protect the personal data of our website visitors, job seekers and applicants, seconded employees, employees (both permanent and temporary), independent entrepreneurs and business contacts. This means that all personal data is processed meticulously and securely in accordance with the requirements laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you which data we collect and how we process these data.


Who are we?

Curve Clinical has its registered offices at Joop Geesinkweg 701-2 in Amsterdam (1114 AB), email:, telephone no.: +31 20 7054910 and, within the sense of the GDPR, Curve Clinical is the party ‘responsible’ for processing the personal data described in this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement applies to all the data that are being  processed by Curve Clinical.

Technical information and cookies

Curve Clinical makes use of cookies. We do so to analyse how visitors use our website. This information helps us to improve the site. A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer. If a follow-up visit is made to our website, these cookies are recognised. You can read more about this in our Cookie Statement.


When do we collect your data?

We collect your data as soon as you complete your details or leave them behind on our website, and whenever you register with us or, in some other way, sign in to make use of our services.
We can also collect your data if you have placed it on public platforms and it is apparent that you are interested in our services. In such situations, we will approach you and ask if you are interested in registering with us in accordance with our terms and taking due account of this Privacy Statement. If you are not interested, we only collect the data necessary for us to be able to honour your wish not to be approached by us.


Why do we collect your data?

We only use the data we have collected for the purposes for which we have acquired the data.
We collect and process your data to enable us to execute our services, which include intermediary services, outsourcing, secondment, payrolling, concluding contracts with independent contractors and freelancers, recruitment & selection, personal development and deployability, salary administration and personnel management.
We also collect and process the personal data of parties who work for organisations with which we do business (clients, suppliers, sales persons and sponsors); we do so in order to make offers and/or provide information about our services and other activities, as well as to maintain a business relationship or to conclude and retain a contract for services.

Specific purposes for which we collect data:

  • To be able to make you offers and/or provide information about our services and other activities and to enable us to align these better with your wishes and qualities; part of this work is undertaken by our recruitment employees and part is computerised (for example via our job alert);
  • To approach you regarding commercial offers and newsletters which could be of interest to you, but only when you have opted in to receive these;
  • To assess your suitability and availability due to our role as an intermediary in the job application process (both permanent and temporary jobs) or in respect of executing an assignment;
  • To enter into and maintain an employee or personnel/intermediary relationship with you or to contract and monitor an assignment with you, and to undertake all the relevant administration in this respect;
  • To record an assignment with a client in an agreement with the client, and to monitor and comply with the agreement with the client;
  • To enhance your personal development and deployability, including training, education and testing;
  • To meet management objectives including management information, the provision of internal checks and occupational safety, and to carry out audits and accounting audits;
  • To meet quality objectives, such as certification;
  • To apply for subsidies, premium discounts etc.;
  • To comply with legislation and regulations governing any employee or personnel/intermediary relationship we enter into with you, including but not restricted to identification, labour legislation, tax and social security legislation, the combatting of fraud as well as national and international sanctions legislation.


What data do we collect?

We only process personal data that are  essential for our service provision; to be able to make use of our services, it is compulsory to provide some of these data. However, supplementary details may be beneficial as they may both help us align our services better with your wishes and qualities, and enable us to comply with the more specific demands and obligations imposed by our clients. You are personally responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the data you provide.

Specific personal data we collect (including and as far as applicable):

On registering for our services (varies according to the form of registration):

  • Name and address details, email address and other contact details
  • Date and place of birth, age and gender
  • Curriculum vitae (CV), information about education, internships and work experience
  • Details of training courses and other education
  • Details of availability and leave
  • Other details that could be important within the context of assessing the suitability of a candidate, for example references and testimonials
  • a passport photograph (not compulsory)


 As soon as you are allowed to start working/or if you work/worked for Herakles:

  • nationality, BSN number, proof of ID, work permit
  • other data related to the registration of personnel, salaries and absenteeism


If you are allowed to start working/or if you work/worked for Curve Clinical as an independent entrepreneur, the aforementioned details will only be processed if they are relevant and required. In addition, Curve Clinical also processes company details.

We process the names, contact details and positions of all the contact persons provided to us by the companies we have dealings with.


With whom are we allowed to share your personal data?

We are allowed to pass on your data to our clients, subcontractors (for example data processors) who carry out services or execute assignments on our behalf, suppliers, government agencies and other business contacts. And whenever we are legally obliged to do so.

This is always done on the basis of a justifiable interest, a legal obligation and/or to execute an agreement in accordance with its objectives.


How long do we retain your data?

We always adhere to the (applicable) legal retention period. And we will always send you a reminder two years after registration with the question whether your data may remain in our database.


Your rights

If you wish to inspect all the data Herakles has registered, you should contact your Herakles contact person, or send a message to:


Protecting your data

We do our utmost to ensure your personal data are optimally protected against illegal use. To do so, we have taken a number of measures of a physical, administrative, organisational and technical nature.
If your data are provided to third parties (“processors’’) who provide services and execute assignments on our behalf, we have also agreed with these parties that all personal data must be optimally protected.


Do you have any questions, comments or complaints?

If, having read our Privacy Statement, you still have questions, comments or complaints, you should contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Email to:
  • Send a letter to: CURVE CLINICAL B.V., Joop Geesinkweg 701-2, 1114 AB Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Telephone number: +31 20 7054910.



For a variety of reasons, it is possible that we may, from time to time, have to amend, supplement or change this Privacy Statement. You will be informed of this via the website.

This version was compiled in Februari 2018.